Supplementary Scores for Handicap


The UHS is based on the expectation that every player will return a sufficient number of scores to provide reasonable evidence of their current ability. To operate in the intended manner, the UHS requires information i.e. the return of Qualifying Scores to produce handicaps that reasonably reflect current ability.

Although Golf Club Committees and Administrators may consider that in the course of a playing season they organise an adequate number of competitions to provide ample opportunity for Members to participate, investigation has confirmed that a substantial number of Members do not return sufficient scores in the period between Annual Reviews to maintain a handicap that reasonably reflects their current ability. This may in part be due to:
? Work or family commitments preventing participation in competitions
? Difficulty in obtaining an acceptable starting time on competition days in clubs with a large playing membership.
? A declining desire to play regular competitive golf.
Supplementary Scores have been introduced to provide players in the above situations and the like an alternative format in which to submit scores for handicap purposes and augment the often sparse information derived from competition play. The intent is to encourage the provision of more evidence of playing ability over a wider range of players and so make handicapping more equitable and golf under handicap conditions more meaningful for all concerned.
A Member may return a Supplementary Score for handicapping purposes in compliance with the following conditions:
21.1 Shall apply to Handicap Categories 2, 3, 4 and [5].
21.2 In order to qualify for the return of a Supplementary Score a player must have returned only six or fewer Qualifying Scores (excluding Supplementary Scores) in the preceding period between Annual Reviews.
21.3 A Supplementary Score may only be returned at the Home Club of the player.
21.4 An acceptable score for Supplementary Score purposes is any authenticated score over 18 holes under Competition Play Conditions over a Measured Course in compliance with the conditions listed in this clause. The format may be Stroke Play or Stableford.
21.5 Up to a maximum of ten Supplementary Scores may be returned in the period between Annual Reviews.
21.6 Unless the Affiliated Club decides otherwise, a Member is limited to the return of one Supplementary Score per week.
21.7 A player intending to return a Supplementary Score will be required to signify his intention prior to commencement of play in the manner determined by the Affiliated Club.
21.8 A Competition Scratch Score shall not be calculated and adjustments to handicap, in accordance with Clause 20.6, shall be made in respect of the Standard Scratch Score.
21.9 Stroke Play returns shall be subject to Stableford / Nett Double Bogey Adjustment in compliance with Clause 19.
21.10 The Supplementary Score must be recorded in the Player Handicap Record.
21.11 If a player who has registered for a Supplementary Score subsequently does not return a card an increase in handicap of 0.1 shall be applied.
21.12 Returns may be subject to action under Clause 23 (B) if ?manipulation? is suspected.
21.13 Players who have recently been allocated a CONGU? Handicap qualify immediately for the return of Supplementary Scores.
Sudbrook Moor?s approach to Supplementary Cards:
As a requirement of the EGU and UHS we implemented Supplementary Score?s after the last handicap review in February 2008. We have provided a register in the Golf Shop for players wishing to provide a Supplementary Score to sign before they commence play and where they?ll receive an Official Supplementary Score Card which must be returned to the Handicap Box in the Lobby after their round.