20 years at Sudbrook Moor

It is 20 years since Tim Hutton left his position as club professional at Sleaford Golf Club to create a new venture with his family at Carlton Scroop. With 20 years in the golf industry to that date, Tim had identified a need for a place that encouraged people to try golf. At the time golf was often perceived to be exclusive, expensive and not always friendly towards anyone wanting to take up the game, particularly children. Furthermore, the only venues that were readily available to budding golfers were limited to seaside pitch and putts and crazy golf.


Tim owed his career in golf to Boston Golf Club with the encouragement of the members and the mentoring of Club Professional, Terry Squires. Up to 20 years ago Tim had not seen anything that compared with Boston for the inclusiveness that he experienced there in the 1960s. As a result of this, he founded Sudbrook Moor Golf Club on the principal of ?Affordable, Quality Golf for All, in a Friendly Environment?.


Since then thousands of local people have experienced the thrill of golf for the first time at Carlton Scroop. A large proportion of the members of local courses, many of these developed in the 1990s, hit their first golf ball at Sudbrook Moor. However, with good all year round ground conditions, the golf course is now well established and is attracting and retaining many golfers in it?s own right.


The Junior golfing programme has produced several outstanding players, non more so than 2008 Lincolnshire Amateur Champion, 16 year old Danny Keddie. Danny started at the age of 6 and owes much of his competitive prowess to Sudbrook Moor members, who allowed him to join them in club competitions, just as Tim had experienced in his early days at Boston Golf Club.


Assisted by his wife Judith and sons Simon and Ben, without any subsidy or grant, the family have ploughed everything back into maturing the golf course and the facility that it is today. Judith, a physical education teacher, is Club Secretary and Junior Organiser. A PGA Qualified Professional with 10 years of tournament and coaching experience, Ben has recently taken over from his father as Head Coach. Fineturf, developed by elder son Simon into one of the countries leading turf production, installation and maintenance companies, manages the golf course. Simon has upgraded the 9 hole golf course with many improvements creating an 18 hole experience by enhancing the second round, which is played to different greens and flags.


Spending the first 6 years of his career as personal assistant to Dai Rees CBE, 5 times Ryder Cup Captain and golf star of the post war years, Tim Hutton has received national recognition with the Sir Henry Cotton Award for outstanding services to junior golf. As a Midland PGA Professional of the Year, a title since held by Lee Westwood, Tim is now a Fellow of the Professional Golfers? Association. Drawing on this experience in the current financial climate, the Hutton family are committed, more than ever, to provide the area with ?affordable, quality golf for all, in a friendly environment?.