Don't end the year Inactive - Handicap Information

The 2011 Season is coming to an end. Those of you with Handicaps have you ensured you have provided 3 Qualifiers this year to ensure your Handicap Remains Active in 2012?

Under the new Congu & EGU Handicap Regulations that came into effect 1st January 2009, all members with Handicaps must submit 3 Qualifying Scores each year to ensure their Handicap remains Active in the following. Players with Inactive Handicaps may find restrictions on what events they can play in and at which courses they can play at.

A list will be made available that will show who would be active and who would be inactive next year, if the Handicap List remains the same from now until January 1st 2012. Players with Inactive Handicaps will see a (i) after their name & handicap in the list:

Active / Inactive Handicap List - Example Purposes Only

For those people who the list shows will be inactive next year, there is still time for you to submit 3 cards to ensure this doesn't happen. There are still Qualifying Competitions to be played in October, November and December. Plus you have the option of submitting a Supplementary Score.

Anyone wishing for help to ensure their handicaps remain active next year, please come and speak to a member of staff.